The company is R&D&I SME, running its business from its main office in Vienna, Austria and providing the customers and partners with the advanced solutions that

  • Meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs to deal with accelerated change and complexity of our world
  • Enable transparent definition of sustainability and its control options in complex processes and systems
  • Foster digital transformation of big data streams from multiple data sources, Internet of Things, smart agents into easy understandable human perceptions of interactions with complex cyber-physical systems and its sustainable management
  • Integrate advanced smart components, agents and systems to realize wide range of novel services in transition to new digital economy

Our team

Our team is comprised of a core senior management and the high quality professionals in information technology, system sciences, mathematics, software development, web programming, design and training. The company provides a dynamic mix of research, development, innovation and business savvy that ensures can continue to design and deliver advanced yet cost effective solutions that can be customized to unique business requirements.

The business of reselling the smart components is run by the professionals selecting high quality products accordingly to the requirements of concrete projects (R&D&I, prototyping, testing, turnkey implementation).

The achievements

The company has business experience in the system integration, components reselling, ICT developments and implementations of international projects.

The latest company innovation Pharos Navigator ® is the digital transformation platform enabling development of computational models of complex cyber-physical systems linked to smart everything to reveal its internal processes and ongoing results while running in real time. It has rich set of the applications including Smart Sustainable Green Cities, Smart Enterprises, Smart Hospitals, Smart Buildings/Homes, Management of Assets, Environment, Quality & Safety.

Released in 2015 the platform was used for the prototyping of the powerful and unique digital application "Smart City Monitor" enabling management of accelerated change and complexity of processes in urban areas as well as diverse novel digital services for citizens, local businesses, utility providers, community administration. It introduced new generation of smart technologies for urban areas which allows integrated holistic vision of processes, events and performance as well as its presentation user friendly and easy to understand. 

Smart City Monitor was recognized by Vienna City Government as “Innovation from Vienna” in 2015 and successfully presented at multiple international events in Vienna, Bratislava, Malaga, Barcelona, AIOTI in Brussiels and Berlin, General Assembly EIP SCC in Eindhoven, MetSol in Berlin.

The unique solution draws increasing attention by innovative forward looking local communities, utility service providers, enterprises and educational institutions in many countries interested in prototyping intelligent solutions for Smart Urban Future and Factories of Future.