Our company has strong practical experience in the system integration, development of advanced ICT solutions for different customers and implementations of international projects.

The latest company innovation Pharos Navigator ® or PharosN provides cutting edge unified digital transformation engine based on latest achievements in artificial intelligence and system and data sciences. It enables rich set of the power applications in diverse areas such as Smart Sustainable Green Cities, Smart Enterprises, Factories of Future, Smart Hospitals, Smart Buildings, Smart Connected Assets, Environment, Quality & Safety, etc. PharosN and its applications introduce new generation is unique intelligent information tools that offer forward looking businesses, manufacturing, construction and distribution companies, local communities, utility service providers, consulting enterprises and educational institutions cost-effective effective practical opportunities for quick cost-effective implementation of novel digital transformation solutions for smart management, monitoring and analytics integrating IoT, smart meters, sensors and various automated systems.

In particular the Smart City Monitor application introduces new instruments for smart governance and management of complex of processes, sustainability and accelerated change in urban areas. It enables rich set of novel digital services for citizens, local businesses, utility providers, community administration providing integrated holistic vision of quality of life, automation of optional services and controls supporting daily operations, prompt information about events, performance at different levels of management and relevant in depth analytics that is easy to understand and deal with.

Smart City Monitor was recognized by Vienna City Government as “Innovation from Vienna” in 2015 and has been successfully applied to several Smart City projects in Europe since then. For example for Jelgava municipality, Latvia it includes automatic monitoring and analysis of quality of air and attendance in schools, energy efficiency, transportation and mobility applications. The platform was presented at multiple international events in Vienna, Bratislava, Malaga, Brussels, Berlin, including EIP SCC in Eindhoven,  Smart City Expo and Congress in Barcelona, Smart City meetings in Moscow, Helsinki and many others. Smart City Monitor  was implemented in several middle size cites in Greece, Latvia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania in Smart Urbana project 2017 to support several key urban use cases.

GOLEM and its partners support municipalities, utility providers and city consulting organizations in practical implementation of advanced Smart City Monitor applications to answer concrete community needs and prototype novel intelligent information urban environments enabling smart sustainable and transparent governance. GOLEM actively participating in various research, development and innovation  projects in European Union and other countries including Horizon 2020, Interreg and others.