HORIZON 2020, Structural Funds and other innovation projects

Our team takes active part and contributes to the research and innovation projects financed by the EU and other grants including Horizon 2020, Interreg, JPI Europe and others. We provide R&D, implementation and prototyping of the advanced ICT and IoT solutions and its demonstration in pilots supporting smart sustainable management and governance, unified approach toward holistic monitoring and analysis and controls of complex processes in big socio-economic-bio-cyber-physical systems in real time.

Novel PharosN IoT information technology introduces rapid system modeling methods and high level tools enabling AI-driven digital transformation for cost-effective and adaptive distributed intelligent system operations. It allows addressing a wide range of application areas including

  • eHealth, active aging and wellbeing,
  • Smart Buildings, Campuses and Shopping Centers as large retail complexes, Smart Connected Assets
  • Smart Cities and Communities, including energy, water, waste, transportation and mobility, resilience and response,
  • Circular Economy and recycling and production of raw materials,
  • Various industries prototyping the concepts of Industries 4.0 such as Smart Farming,
  • Environmental monitoring and control, pollution, emission, impacts and optional scenarios,
  • Energy and Water efficiency services
  • Digital transformation impact on societal changes

and many others which require real time integrated assessment of processes in the physical and virtual worlds.

Keywords for the Horizon 2020 calls which we can contribute to:
eHealth, Active ageing and Wellbeing, System abilities, Platforms for Sustainability and Monitoring, Big Data in cross-sectored and cross-lingual data integration and experimentation, Large Scale Pilots actions in sectors best benefitting from data-driven innovation, Big data PPP, Education in Cyber-Physical World, Predictive maintenance technologies for increased operating life of production systems, ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs, IoT and IoT, SME & Factories of Future, Industry 4, Policies and decision tools for an integrated management, Smart Cities and Communities, Integrated tools for monitoring and benchmarking and scenario building, Systemic services for the circular economy, Water in the context of the circular economy, Policy-development in the age of big data, Data-driven policymaking and modeling, New growth strategy in Europe – Improved economic and social measurement.

Applying to other financial instruments
The company offers innovative, practical and unique ICT / IoT applications for infrastructure development and upgrading projects in different areas such as eHealth, Quality of Life, Smart Cities and Communities, Urban Future, Smart Grids, Smart Connected Assets, Management of Water, Waste and Environment which are financed by the Structural Funds, EIF, EIB, EBRD and other relevant institutions such as GEF, GCF, UNDP, AIB, IADB, UNIDO, and others.

We invite perspective consortiums to contact us for discussing the project ideas and our optional contribution content.