Helsinki March 2017

28.03.2017 – 31.03.2017
Helsinki, Tampere, FINLAND
Details about the event:
Österreichisches Außenwirtschafts Center Helsinki
T +358 9 43 66 33 - 0















The company GOLEM IMS GMBH, Austria is developer and provider of unique novel digital transformation IoT technology with wide range of applications for holistic management, governance and operational control in complex socioeconomic-cyber-physical systems such as Smart Futures Cities, Factories of Future, Smart Enterprises and Connected Assets, Ports, Campuses, Industrial areas, Circular economy. The company is interested in innovation partnerships with

(1) National partners willing to invest into development of own expertise for providing novel value added services to its customers in Finland based on license agreements with our company in specific application areas such as IoT, Smart Cities, Factories of Future, Smart Connected Assets in urban areas, enterprises, factories, environment, energy, circular economy, clean technology, healthcare

(2) Strong investors interested in bringing up brand fundamentally new high technologies internationally with long term high ROI

(3) Partners planning and implementing advanced national and international projects financed by private businesses as well as ESIF, EIB, EBRD and others.

Online demo applications Smart City Monitor and Smart Enterprise Monitor
International applications:
Twitter news: @MonitorSmart