Innovation and R&D projects

Innovation projects 

GOLEM IMS GMBH offers novel Research, Development and Innovation and Prototyping contribution to various innovation projects financed by the public and private financial instruments available in the European Union and in countries. The company implements the advanced ICT, modelling and prototyping of novel complex integrated solutions for specific stakeholder groups to assiting in smart sustainable management and governance. The management and team have significant international experience in UNIDO and other international innovation and capacity building projects.

The variety of optional virtual twin applications in the different project areas are the results of the strong underlying system sceince concepts and methodology empowering еру making of abstract virual custom models of complex socioeconomic-cyber-physical systems existing the real world. Linked with smart everything, IoT, various information systems, such computing models run in real time enabling intelligent digital transformation of the big data streams into the rich set of value added data driven services and controls. The implementation and agile adaptation of customized models does not require programming while the applications can run in computing cloud or at premises or on micro-servers.

The sample demo models of the prototypes for Smart City, Smart Manufacturing Enterprise, etc are available online at the service portal

The H2020 calls options:

The company participates in the H2020 funded projects: as a Partner responsible for relevant work packages in a project consortium which has an experienced Coordinator. The offered work packages can include

  • Study of the target system euqirements,
  • Planing and formulation of the target application model structure and KPIs,
  • Interactions to different stakeholder groups by mobile apps, custom anaytics, dashboards, reports
  • Optional controls based on computational sustainability, its definition by management and pronostics  
  • Linkages to data sources and IoT, other information systems
  • Implementation, testing, evaluation, demostration
  • Training and knowledge transfer  

The applcaition areas: 

• Ambient Assisted Living

• ICT System abilities, SME & benchmarking actions, safety certification, Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation, Big Data PPP: cross-sectored and cross-lingual data integration and experimentation, Large Scale Pilot actions in sectors best benefitting from data-driven innovation, Research addressing main technology challenges of the data economy, Support, industrial skills, benchmarking and evaluation

• FOF: Novel design and predictive maintenance technologies for increased operating life of production systems, ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs 

• Internet of Things - Integration of IoT Ecosystems, intelligent sustainability, resilience  

• RUR- Policies and decision tools for an integrated management of natural resources and smart farming

• SCC-Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse projects, Novel in-situ observation systems

• SC5- Robust and comprehensive greenhouse gas verification system

• SC1- Human health models and in-silico systems for well-being and aging support

• SEC-Integrated tools for response planning and scenario building

• CIRC- Systemic services for the circular economy, Water in the context of the circular economy,

• CO-Policy-development in the age of big data: data-driven policymaking, policy modelling and policy-implementation, Improved economic and social measurement, data and official statistics

• World Sustainablity Monitor, implemntation of UN SDG monitoring  

Strustural Funds and other financial instruments options

The company offers innovative ICT contribution to infrastructure development and upgrading projects in Smart Cities and Communities, Urban Future, Smart Grids, Assets, Water, Waste and Environment projects financed by the Structural Funds, EIF, EIB, EBRD and other relevant institutions such as UNDO, GEF, UNDP, AIB, IADB, etc.
The content of such contribution depends of the project requirements and identified during the project formulation.

Contact us for further details.

The examples of added value offered

  1. Research and development of models for target complex smart cyber-physical systems (CPS) such as Smart Cities/Futures Cities, Smart enterprises, Industry 4 and Factories of the Future, Smart Buildings, Smart Hospitals, and relevant quality, safety, assets management
  2. Enabling quick and easy adaptation of the model to changes which take place in the target real world CPS structures and its processes including adding/replacement of smart components and networks, introductions of new metrics required by new standards, etc
  3. Running the interlinked multiple CPS models in high performance cloud or micro computers (stationary or mobile options)
  4. Enabling digital transformation of the CPS model content into the common customized digital services and controls, answering to simple effective human perceptions and vision of complex underlying system content.
  5. Enabling linking of diverse optional data sources to the CPS models such as smart components, autonomous smart mobile agents, controls systems, Smart Energy Grids & Cells, SCADAs, sensors, IoT, databases and mobile devices.
  6. Implementing automated control functions in target prototype systems by diverse IoT actuators and information gateways to common networks7. Integration with BIM, AR and VR to enable rich service functionalities in advanced integrated application environments
  7. Supporting ability to monitor, analyze, benchmark, control and manage performance, functioning and sustainability of CPS in different application areas based on its models for different stakeholder groups and user roles
  8. Realizing the functionality for the large number of optional users in mobile applications running on common mobile devices (operators, management, specialists, citizens and tourists in urban areas)
  9. Presenting TRL prototypes at the high level of quality and cost effectives accordingly to market requirements and in compliance to international standards in quality management.
  10. Compliance to the international and national quality standards in management  
  11. Public monitoring of all UN SDG goals in real time, enabling propgnostic scenarious study based on evidence and trends.