Investment opportunities

Our company reached our the cutting edge IoT technology Pharos NavigatorĀ® (or PharosN) maturity level to capitalise on its AI, Big data and Blockchain driven Virtual Twins innovation to deliver new generation of essential smart solutions and services addressing the growing fundamental needs around the world: Ambient Assisting Living for people living alone such as elderly and people with chronic health problems (relevant page link here).

The company seeks to seize the business opportunity of information revolution in these specific markets of individuals and caregivers and healthcare organisations where our advanced technology can foster significant transformation of societies and lifestyles and contribute to the well-being and quality of life of a large number of people over the long term.

Based on this approach, our company will focus on the maximization of shareholder value over the medium to long term and endeavour to increase its equity value by commercialising the solutions and scaling up the services.  

In order to address the accelerating changes in social needs and maximize the benefit from the technology innovation quickly, the company look for the relevant investments to achieve steady earnings growth and stable cash flow generation, and develop relevant sustainable business models as the driving forces for scaling up and setting leading position at the major international markets.

Taking advantage of investments, our company aims to expand its customer base and businesses scale significantly in order to strengthen and establish its foundations of revenues and continuous innovation in both technologies and business models.

The investors considering medium - long term investments into this new technology application area are welcome to contact us for further discussions.