Investment opportunities

Our company technology reached out the maturity to capitalize on its unique custom Intelligent Digital Twin innovations. Among the variety of optional application areas, we focus on the utmost, fundamental and long-term social need for healthcare management of the large population groups as a major life factor of future that became widely accepted as result of entering the post-COVID-19 era and strong global trends toward longer life duration, aging and increase of various chronic diseases.    

The overview of the ongoing developements can be found here and video summary here.  

These achievements were acknowledged by the Seal of Excellence from European Commission for the technology commercialization proposal Twin4Health aimed at high long-term impacts, business results and ROI.

Our company seeks additional investments to seize the unique business opportunity and accelerate market entry by offering radically new AI-/IoT-/natural voice/conversational AI - driven mass products and services for the B2C and B2B health markets. It will allow to cut time to market, promote steady earnings growth and generate increasing cash flow empowering sustainable expanding business under recurrent revenue financial model, scaling up and foster unique possibilities to grasp strong market share in the DACH, EU and other major markets.

We will focus on the maximization of shareholder value over the medium to long term and endeavor to increase its equity value.  

The Private investors, Corporates and Foundations considering medium - long term investments into AI-driven digital health technologies are welcome to contact us for further discussions.

The pitch presentation copy for investors can be found here.

The project overview presented at PlatformUptake by the here