Our team

Our company link together management, system development, service support, customer projects preparation and consulting, finance and marking staff.



Serguei Golovanov, CEO and the company founder 

Dipl. Engineer in Control Systems
Ph.D. in Systems and Computer Sciences          

Chief Architect of the platform Pharos Navigator® and its applications Ambient Assited LivingSmart Enterprise MonitorSmart City Monitor and and IoT Integrator.

Chairman of the Association for sustainable innovative development in economics, environment and society ASIDEES

UNIDO International consultant, coach and trainer in several international programmes and Pharos implementations.

Prior to company establishment Mr. Golovanov worked as scientist at International Institute for Applied Systems Studies (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria in the program “Sustainable Development of Biosphere".


Development and implementation

The company is SME having multidisciplinary multinational R&D team comprised of high quality professionals in information technology, systems and data sciences, artificial intelligence, mathematics, software development, web programming, design, industrial engineering, urban modelling and training.

The dynamic mix of research, development, innovation and business options provide partners with advanced yet cost effective development ecosystem that they can use for development of their custom solutions for their customer requirements.

Support and production

Technical support, production of turn-key solutions for customers and quality assurance is made in Austria.