The company and its partners provide the following services:

  • Implementing specific novel digital services and applications for customers focused for effective and sustainable smart management and governance
  • Preparing project content for solutions answering specific requirements for linking to large number of data streams from diverse data sources such as sensors, Internet of Things, Smart Everything, autonomous control systems, databases, 
  • Preparing projects and solutions realizing transformation of big data streams into simple user firefly information about the status and specific parameters (or indicators) of target complex systems
  • Supporting specific digital transformation projects for local urban areas, utility service providers by planning, guidance, consulting application development, training and value added services
  • Training and guidance in how to realize managerial requirements for transparency, simplicity and visibility of ongoing processes in complex cyber-physical systems, how
  • Introduce new requirements and adapt to changes quickly and easy.
  • Workshops how to use the available interactive tools and services in Pharos Navigator ® platform and relevant online portal for quick prototyping of the complex systems
  • Contributing to research and development projects for new generations of smart systems fostering transition to digital economies, digital transformation, "smartification of everything" and knowledge management

The services include as follows:

  • Planning of the initial model of target system, defining its structure, indicators, data sources, sensors, IoT, executive control and response centers, actuators, operational infrastructure and linked smart components and agents
  • Quick model prototyping, it’s linking to data sources, smart meters, agents and actuators
  • Testing and piloting of real time information services for sustainable management and governance. 

Service support portal 

The portal or (the same content) provides customers services for organizations and individuals in self-managed mode. The subscribers can obtain PharosN platform and interactive instruments, sample models enabling them to develop own custom applications in relevant service areas.  

The portal presents the online demo of the models for Smart Sustainable City by ISO 37120 and Smart Manufacturing Enterprise. The models are provided as templates for local custom implementations and learning facilitating further development of unique applications for own cyber-physical models of target systems.

Our company supports complex application system planning and implementation under individual service contracts.