A truly next generation platform for digital transformation in enterprises and urban areas the Pharos Navigator® or PharosN allows for making unique virtual custom models of interlinked complex socioeconomic-cyber-physical systems comprised on multiple information sources smart objects and agents, social networks and smart users using smart devices which are evolving in our physical world of urban areas, enterprises, organizations, buildings and houses, shoping centers, campuses,  hospitals, environmental monitoring systems, quality and safety, etc.

The innovative technology enables easy linking of the custom models to various sensors, smart meters, Internet of Things, autonomous control systems databases to receive digital data streams from the diverse information sources. While running in cloud computing or at premises or on mobile microprocessors the model transforms big data streams into rich set of information services for smart management, smart governance, control of sustainability of complex systems such as cities, regions, enterprises, building and various applications for monitoring, analysis, benchmarking, decision making, and simulation of responses to optional impacts.

The technology accommodates artificial intelligence enabling smart control and prediction of particular processes, trends and events. The control options include real time digital services for executives and commands to actuators installed in multiple locations of the target system.

The technology is available for licensing to forward looking businesses and financial groups. It may includee optional exclusivity for particular partners.