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Our company is SME born from creative principles and strong scientific foundations.

Our mission is to provide practical cutting-edge technology solutions that help to monitor, manage and control complex Big Systems of Systems (BSS).  

The company and its powerful leading IoT innovation platform  Pharos Navigator® or PharosN support rapid design and implementation of the tailor-made Digital Twins of BSS with high level tools that do not need programming. The Digital Twins run as transformation engines of big data streams in cloud or at various local edge microdatacenters.  

Our Digitalen Zwilling Werkstatt business and R&D is run from the main headquarters in Vienna, Austria providing customers and partners in key application areas with new generation of unique intelligent solutions and services that are tailored to their needs and requirements and daily routines. 

Key enabling PharosN technology applications include

Our latest developments and novel solutions accumulated cutting-edge knowledge about of best AI, Big Data, IoT methods and powerful open source software systems into cutting-edge Intelligent Digital Twins for new applications in health, agro and other industries, and smart cities. Speaking in natural languages such virtual assistants can help us as humans to live a healthy and quality life, to manage our health and businesses in the most effective and sustainable way.

Our developments were recognized by the by European Commission in 2020 by the Seal of Excellence and recommended for funding and investments.

Contact us to review optional applications of this technology in your life and business.

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