Our innovation technology company was born from creative principles and strong scientific foundations. Our mission is to provide novel AI-driven information and IoT tools that can assist managers, operators and governing institutions in holistic integrated smart vision of very complex interlinked processes in the big systems they manage.  

The company supports practical implementation of the digital twins of the target big systems existing in the physical and virtual worlds. Such twin links the worlds and enables digital transformation of big real time data into custom, rich and easy to use information services for monitoring, analytics and controls.

The research and development and innovation and business is managed from the company main headquarters in Vienna, Austria providing teh company customers and partners with the unique novel intelligent sustainable system services and solutions for:

  • Offering unique holistic and humanised vision of multiple concurrent complex processes taking place in both physical and virtual worlds
  • Automating real time data collection from a large number of diverse data sources and systems and simplifying routine big data processing in organsations 
  • Decreasing the costs of knowledge of the ongoing processes and its actual results while strongly improving sustainability and performance.