Our company and its international partners provide the following AI-driven innovation services for the customers:

  • Implementation of new Intelligent Digital Twin technology tools for holistic, resource efficient, sustainable smart management and governance of complex System of Systems (SoS) in different domains. 
  • Improving transparency, sustainability, resource efficiency and business results in SoS operations by assisting end users in monitoring, analysing and controlling complex SoS processes in real time and in predictable future.
  • Developing and deploying the customized solutions that are capable to collect and transform big data into simple user friendly holistic real time information.
  • Training and guiding the customer employees in effective application of new Pharos Navigator® technology to address their needs for transparency, simplicity and visibility of ongoing processes in complex applications.

The service components 

  • Planning and design of custom digital twin models for target cyber-biophysical SoS, (structure, indicators, data sources, sensors, IoT, executive controls and responses, linkages to operational physical and cyber infrastructure, automated systems and smart components, user mobiles).
  • Introducing continuing auditing of compliance with relevant international and national standards and its implementation. 
  • Rapid custom Digital Twin implementation, it’s linking to optional data sources, smart meters, agents, and actuators.
  • Testing and piloting of real time information services for sustainable management and governance of the target SoS.  
  • Training of the customer and partners specialists.
  • Support in the system operations and demonstrations. 

Service support portal 

The portal provides additional information and self-managed services for organizations and individuals. The subscribers can obtain PharosN platform for their custom digital twins and interactive instruments for its customisation, use sample SoS models.  

The portal presents the online demos of sample digital twin models Smart Manufacturing Enterprise and Smart Sustainable Governance. These twin models are available as templates for various custom projects and learning. 

Our company welcome partnerships with researchers, system integrators and consultants willing to explore new business opportunities in rich set of PharosN technology applications.