Collecting requirements for new Smart City Monitor services

Under the DOME project workplan we invite municipality management and employees to participate in the Survey aimed at collecting their views, requirements and needs in possible application of the digital platform “Smart City Monitor” to enhance their daily work, city performance and reporting.

The action was made to get the end users feedback regarding an exciting opportunity to formulate the vision of the future of urban governance and sustainable development in urban communities. 

Smart City Monitor will become one of the trusted digital services deployed under the Common Services Platform DOME and provide a state-of-the-art digital twin technology platform to assist municipalities in transforming urban areas into smart, sustainable, and resilient cities.

It runs a systemic, interactive model of a whole urban area in full compliance with ISO 37120 as one of the main international quality management standards for municipalities. The model is open for upgrading to include any other necessary standards like ISO 37122, and local municipality norms and regulations as well as the Sustainable Urban Development Goals (SDG).

By running own Smart City Monitor, the municipality administrations get transparency of ongoing urban processes, access to its real-time insights and holistic analytics that enables continuous auditing of compliance with these relevant standards and regulations.

A brief overview of the Smart City Monitor platform is available at the YouTube link (3 minutes).

If you work in the local governance bodies and utility providers you are warmly welcome to contribute the formulation of requirements to this service by using the online Survey form (6 min).

If you consider that this survey could be of interest to your colleagues, please provide them the link to this page.