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What we offer

  • A dedicated friendly team willing to meet and cope with challenges of cutting-edge innovations 
  • A cool disruptive IoT platform and high level development tools for developing intelligent digital twins of big real world systems    
  • An international Internet based collaboration environment  
  • A great balance between high personal freedom in creativity and responsibility 
  • Flexible working hours and home office options in remote collaboration teams
  • Real challenges and perspectives in career and qualification growth
  • Salary growth as experience accumulates, additional bonuses based on successful completion of projects

GOLEM IMS GMBH is a growing market-defining company on a mission opening new area of design and running AI-driven digital twins of big real-world systems. We help businesses, public and private organizations and municipalities to manage and run their processes sustainably and efficiently; have holistic vision of their operations in real-time and in the future; obtain latest powerful digital tools assisting in smart management. We deal with complexity, smart everything and accelerated change in novel passionate way making a difference in the world!

Joining our team, you obtain unique novel knowledge required in the new world of interlinked smart everything and experience that can enrich your life and improve well being .

Our company is an Equal Opportunity Employer