The company implements and provides its customers with

1. Unified advanced ICT platform, interactive instrumentation for developing own customized models of complex socioeconomic-cyber-physical systems and its applications;

2. Contractual services for implementation and support of custom intelligent information systems for integrated sustainable management and governance.  

The solutions allow integration of large number of data sources by linking to diverse IoT, smart everything, automated information systems and networks to the custom models and its running in cloud or at premises digitally transforming big data streams into rich set of intelligent information services for different stakeholder groups.

The applications effectively support smart management and governance of large interlinked social, economic, manufacturing, environmental and urban systems and objects. The novel digital services enable stakeholders to manage, monitor, analyze, benchmark, control complex and diverse processes, business performance, big data and search for optional actions, becoming aware of trends and causes of events, simulating optional system responses to complex decisions.

The applied methods of artificial intelligence, systems and data sciences allow effective definitions of sustainability conditions in complex systems and its real time control along with compliance to relevant international quality and sustainability standards.

The solution support intelligent processing of multiple big data streams from diverse interlinked processes in real time presenting its simple vision in the following areas:

  • Smart Cities, Sustainable green communities, Smart Regions, Smart Islands, 
  • Smart Enterprises, Factories of Future,  Industry 4
  • Smart Assets Management, Condition monitoring - Pre-emptive & Predictive maintenance
  • Smart Buildings and Homes
  • Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) monitoring systems
  • eLearning of planning, design and implementation of complex interlinked smart systems

The demo examples of the applications for Smart Enterprise and Smart City presented at service portal

The portal supports implementation of customer subscriptions for digital transformation services, access to the solutions and interactive tools for its development and customization of custom target cyber-physical system models. The unique smart services enable intelligent analysing sustainability in real time providing for inclusive development in green metropolitan areas, industries and circular economy.

Presentations and reference materials

Smart City Monitor IoT applicatons for Shopping Centers, Campuses  

Smart City Monitor applications in Smart Urbana project in 5 European cities in 5 countries