Main innovation components

The company solutions include as follows:

1. The PharosN IoT platform for implementing and running custom digital twins as the models of relevant big cyber-physical systems in cloud or at customer fog computing environment, 

2. Tools for rapid interactive high level development of the custom digital twin models, 

3. Examples of the application models of big systems that can be used as templates for further customisation (e.g. Smart City Monitor, Smart Enterprise Monitor, etc)

4. PharosN portal online services supporting customer access to PharosN IoT platform as service and its use in the development of custom applications and its running to let AI-driven digital transformation.


Key difference of the PharosN solutions compared to others existing on the market

The users do not need to monitor and analyse processes trying to find out some issues. The PharosN monitoring applciation solutions automatically analyse all ongoing processes defind in the digital twin and its combinations in real time, indentify non-compliances to planned / required performance goals, calculate the sustainability statuses for all objects & processes, identify and predict unsustainable trends and only then notify relevant authorised groups of stakeholders such as operators of information and control centers, managers, administrators, decision-makers, citizens. The real time predictive and prescriptive analytics assist operators, managers, decision makers and citizens in their daily business activities.

Smart Enterprise Monitor and Smart City Monitor and other similar apps are capable to provide answers the question “How are you my Big System Of Cystems? (manufacturing-, agro-, logistics-, tarnsportation- and other industrial enterpise, and building, campus, district, city, country, etc)  to you anytime in real time.


Transforming big data in big systems of systems into holistic services and controls 

The solutions help organisations processing big data from large number of heterogeneous data sources in real time presenting holistic vision of the results in real time. The platform allows adding any data source having digital content and interface including diverse IoT, sensors, smart meters, automated information systems and networks, mobiles, web, etc. It supports major standards for IoT data exchange protocols such as matt, rest, coap, opc ua, etc and has rich set of API for data exchange with third party automated systems.

All data streams are transformed into indicator time series - KPIs that are user defined and/or recommended by international standards of quality of management and quality of life. The KPI values are analysed in real time, aggregated accordingly target system structure realised in the custom digital twin and presented on interactive dashboards and reports and web and mobile apps. 

The sustainability status of each object of the digital twin model, including the whole system, is identified in real time. Each process data stream is analysed along with their combinations and included into the custom rules of the object status definition. As result the application solution provides management and operators with holistic view into the system operations in real time and allows in depth analysis of causes and performance issues for continuous improvement and control.

The application models - digital twins, can run in distributed computing environment such as cloud or local fog at enterprise premises including edge devices such as singleboard microcomputers (Raspberry PI type) with machine learning accelerators. The collaborating and coordinated engines applying deep-learning methods and new techniques for efficiently, securely and flexibility processing at each level of the big system command and control reducing communication latency, network traffic and costs, and improving energy efficiency.

The information services can be customised by the customers or application developers accordingly to the information needs of different stakeholder groups (e.g. management levels, operators, public, etc) including data access and user authorisations set by the customer administration.  

Such custom solutions realise simple holistic vision of the sustainability, all necessary KPIs and trends and cause analytics and condition monitoring. It supports pre-emptive & predictive maintenance of complex and Big Systems of Systems in various application areas in real time including:

  • CityScore dashboards, holistic management and certification of Smart Cities and Districts, Sustainable Green Communities, Smart Regions, Smart Islands
  • Smart Enterprises, Factories of Future,  Industry 4.0, Agro-industries,
  • Management of Energy and resource efficiency, Water Waste and Transportation facilities in urban and rural areas 
  • Smart Management of Assets, Buildings, Campuses, Shopping Centers
  • Environment, Air quality, Pollution
  • Health & Safety (EHS) monitoring systems in assisted living, post treatment home care
  • eLearning of planning, design and implementation of complex interlinked smart systems 


Business Partnerships

GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GmbH and its partners in countries provide customers with value added services in rapid development of custom applications and its implementation and training of the customer personnel. Our company support perspective partners with relevant knowledge and applications development and business incentives.  

Copyright for the digital twin: The application developers and customers have copyright for their digital twin models and its independent management on their PharosN engines.

What is Digital Twin? Download the presentation

The data access and user authorisation are administered by the customer.

The demo examples of the applications for Smart Enterprise and Smart City presented at service portal (click picture on the right). The PharosN portal supports customer subscriptions for digital transformation services, access to the solutions and interactive tools for its development and customization of custom target cyber-physical system models as digital twins of their systems. 

Presentations and reference materials

Smart City Monitor IoT applicatons for Shopping Centers, Campuses  

Smart City Monitor applications in Smart Urbana project in 5 European cities in 5 countries

PharosN IoT technology platform in brief